Do you want your company to strengthen its relationships with your customers, to sell more business with existing customers and to acquire new key customers? The methodology of account based marketing helps you to focus all marketing forces on the right stakeholders at the right time. With tailored content, you can increase your revenue and reach new heights.
What is account based marketing?
Account based marketing is a fast growing marketing and sales strategy in B2B sales. It is the marketing part of the sales process, in which marketing and sales work together to increase sales. First, you select and prioritize the targeted enterprises (with the highest probability to convert). Then you adapt communication to their needs through narrow and focused marketing efforts.
Tailored content marketing services
In account based marketing, you create content using the writers, strategists, designers and filmmakers who understand your needs and translate your message to relevant editorial stories. It focuses on the right people within your priority target companies. You also adapt messages and content gradually, according to their expectations.
Benefits of B2B marketing
With this strategy, sales and marketing teams work together, which saves time and gives your company all the prerequisites to become more attractive and relevant to important customers. By focusing on content & communication, you can engage relevant stakeholders in key businesses. All focused on a single goal: to increase sales with a marketing method that will convert your customers from interest to purchase.
Customized marketing
Europe’s leading account-based marketing agency Freya News is working with several highly successful B2B brands and sales organizations. They carefully do their work when it comes to the communication strategy in order to provide the best return. Their role is to build strategies so you can take your company’s digital presence to the next level and create greater revenue streams. The company is run by experienced sales and marketing professionals in active partnership with wealthy entrepreneurs and world-leading suppliers of technical marketing solutions. Visit Freya News website to find out how they can help you develop your business.


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