Nanotechnology has reached hundreds of different industries, and it’s used in the manufacture of hundreds of different products as well. Nanotechnology is used in a number of different products, but the effect of nanotechnology is not particularly understood. There is a distinct lack of research regarding the use of nanotechnology in food manufacturing industry, even though these foods are being marketed and consumed.

Nanotechnology can be used in the food manufacturing industry itself. It can also be used to make the packaging and the preservation process easier. Nanoparticles can be used to fortify and modify the food, to make it more nutritious, as well. Since the technology is also being used to improve the quality of fertilizers and manure used in the production of food, there is no way of preventing the nanoparticles from getting into the food, actually.

The health risks associated with inhalation or ingestion of nanoparticles are not well known. There is a lack of risk assessment in the industry, and it is very hard to measure and identify the presence of nanoparticles on a particular surface. However, before one is completely clear that nanoparticles cannot cause health damage to people, it would not be the wisest idea to use it in food. The limited tests that have been conducted do prove that ingesting nanoparticles can cause damage to the interior organs.

The problem becomes more serious when one realizes the fact that many companies around the world, are already using nanoparticles in their food. This makes it important for people to be aware of the products that use nanotechnology, so they can stay away from these products, at least till the time it is properly investigated and declared completely safe. Nanotechnology can go a long way to improve soil productivity, and to make food healthier, but one has to be aware of all the risks, just to be prepared.



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