The Indian nanotechnology industry has progressed quite a lot, thanks to the amount of R&D that has gone into perfecting and commercializing nanotechnology related products. A lot of focus has been laid on development on nanotechnology in India, but the focus on learning about the health and environmental hazards of the industry is still lacking. There is an immediate requirement to research the resilience India, and it’s industries have to meet any challenges posed by the nanotechnology industry. In order to determine the extent to which nanotechnology can affect India’s health, we need to consider the current capacities of the industry.

In order to appraise the situation, one would have to take into account the current risk of health problems in the nanotechnology industry and the key actors. Once the risk assessment is done, we will be able to tell exactly how India can handle the health problems with it’s current level of medical care and technology. India’s nanotechnology industry has grown rapidly, making the country hightly susceptible to any further risk. So far, the knowledge regarding health issues relating to nanotechnology has been very limited, and there’s an urgent need to identify the precise health problems nanotechnology can cause in a country like India.

It’s important to find find out the kind of risks and the extent of risks the industry poses in India for it would help in the growth of the nanotechnology industry vover a larger period of time. Once the risks have been isolated, it will be possible to come up with legal framework and risk regulations that would make the industry more people and environment friendly.


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